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Roland Martin + Joking = Reprimand or an Opportunity to Discuss Homophobia!

Today one of the Art’s very own Iva Williams lead a very thought-provoking conversation on homophobia in the African-American community. Homophobia perpetuates fear that put lives in danger. Some men have a sense of shame and fear of their sexuality. Living in the closet is a reality for many Americans.

As a feminist, I think about the women who are having unprotected sex with men who are living a double life. It is quite frightening to think of any of my sisters, friends, acquaintances having to deal with a man who is living a double life. I feel that  it is HIGH time for African-Americans to have an honest conversation about sexuality. Let’s stop making people feel bad for being themselves. Creating a sense of fear/intimidation hurts not only homosexuals but heterosexuals. Women and Men are dying daily because of fear. 

I could get really deep but I choose to discuss Roland Martin today. It is common to hear gay jokes/slurs. Most times we just laugh and keep it moving. This past weekend Roland Martin had one of those moments while watching the Super Bowl. He tweeted to his fans the following: “people should “smack the ish” out of any male fans of an underwear ad starring David Beckham.”. Most of us have fallen victim to saying something on twitter or my personal fav FACEBOOK and thinking “Wow, I probably should have not said that or maybe that was too much!“. Roland had such a moment. I am sure he was kidding. I am sure he did not mean any harm. But a JOKE might very well cause him his JOB with CNN. 

CNN announced Wednesday that it is suspending Roland Martin in the wake of the pundit’s controversial Super Bowl tweets.

Wow, I pray that Roland makes an apology and he can get his job back. But brothers and sisters Homosexuals feel pain like anyone else. Let’s use this episode with Roland Martin as a learning opportunity. Let’s work on our  issues with HOMOPHOBIA. We have countless men and women living in the closet. Living double lives. Placing others in harm’s way because they are too afraid to embrace their sexuality.

It’s 2012. If you are GAY STAND UP AND BE PROUD. If you are HOMOPHOBIC; you might want to check yourself before you WRECK YOURSELF. THINK ABOUT IT!

Read More about Roland Martin’s Suspension on the Huffington Post.

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