This past Tuesday, we hosted our first Conversation of the year. Dr. Alduan Tartt had a little heart to heart with the Art of Conversation. It was an amazing event. More details will come in the near future.

He made an interesting comment:

“Ladies,  Black Enterprise yearly convention normally has a ratio of 60:40 men to women! The reason you didn’t know is because your girl who went didn’t tell you.”

As a woman I never considered checking out a conference to meet men. I only thought “groupies” did that; but the ratios of 60:40 has a girl thinking “HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!”

 You will never meet the man of your dreams running in packs. Hanging out with your Sorors at your sorority events. He’s not at your favorite coffee shop or boutique. You might luck up on him out and about but sometimes you have to put a little work in.

 He went on to say that women should go to the places that men frequent. Men are not hanging out at the places that we frequent. Go to a business seminar, most men are all about making money. Volunteer to serve breakfast at the men’s ministry monthly meeting (you look like a SAINT and get a chance to mix and mingle). Go to sporting events and have fun (don’t be thirsty at the events).

Last but not least LEAVE the pack mentality at home. NO MAN WANTS TO APPROACH YOU WHEN YOU ARE WITH ALL YOUR GIRLS! That’s a buzz kill according to most men.


He pressed the point to LIVE your life. Have FUN. Be COOL, CONFIDENT, and BOLD and you will attract that GOOD MAN. Can you add to our list of places a woman should go to meet a GREAT GUY? 

The Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation is an alternative to the traditional forms of entertainment to bring people together while incorporating networking, social activity, and philanthropy.

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One response to “WHERE ALL THE GOOD MEN AT?

  1. DNYC

    Ummmmm if those 5 chicks at the bottom of this blog show up at any professional conference…. Dudes are gonna think….. HAAAY… THE STRIPPERS ARE HERE……

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